vrijdag 29 mei 2009

i can handle this blog , it`s to difficult for me and can`t put my photo`s nice here , so i have a new blog .
Come take a look over there .



greetings Roos

zondag 10 mei 2009



hope you will have a nice day , i got a nice selfmade present of my daughter and love it , it`s a momobord .

this afternoon i`m going to my mother and my mother-in-law is in spain for vacation , so we wont see her .

what are you going to do today ?


vrijdag 8 mei 2009


wow the time is going fast , it fly`s away .
i`m sorry that i didn`t give any message here , but i was so busy and have a lot on my head , my boyfriend lost his job 4 weeks ago , so we are hoping he will find a new job soon .

i`m surfing on a lot of blogs now , it`s so nice to read about they`re lives and also find some old bloggers , hope we can be friends again :) .

and 1 blog i found i read it a long way back ago and found her again and she have`s another great challenge , i want to join again .
2 years ago she did the same challenge , only with words and now it`s with every week a question asking yourself , a year long .
i had so much fun with the first challenge 2 years ago and they are lovely (made on deck cards) , that i decided to do this challenge too , hope to catch in with it , because she started it in januari :) .
you learn a lot about yourself if you do this , so maybe you can do it to .
here`s the link : http://embers.typepad.com/e/52Q/
go have a look at it , it`s a lot of fun .

today i`m going to do nothing , just enjoy the day and want to write some letters , i`m luckely not behind so i have the time for it .
i write also with 4 prisoners now and they are alway`s happy when they get my letters .
they are not murders , but they made some bad choices in they`re young live , i`m happy that i can give them a smile on they`re faces with my letters :)

i hope you want to leave a comment on my blog , i would love that a lot , thanks .

greetings Roos

i will post my photo`s of it , if i made them .

maandag 13 april 2009

happy easter Pictures, Images and Photos


vrijdag 10 april 2009

Beautiful Weather

Don`t know how the weather is at you`rse , but here it`s such beautiful , warm & sunny weather :)
so we going in a hour on the bycicle for a nice ride trough our town and get a icecream at mc donalds , yummy .

but we have a little bit sadness here :(
martijn doesn`t have a job anymore , so he`s at home and get not so much money what we use to got , so we can`t do a lot now .
i`m happy that i`m working so we can pay the bills and can stay live in our house .

i looked at my penpals and some of them i`m going to stop , more because they don`t write nice/short letters or they reply after 3 or 6 months !!!!!!?????
but i looked also for new penpals and found 1 great penpal out of Mexico , my favorite country :)
hope we will get a great penfriendship .

well i go off now , Chimène want`s to get a icecream :)

please leave a message if you read my blog , i want to know who reads it and maybe if you have a blog i also can have a look at you`re blog and give a comment there .

greetings Roos
next time i will put some picture`s on my blog :)

vrijdag 27 maart 2009

Oogy , the beautiful dog

i was watching OPRAH and there was a beautiful story about Oogy the Dog .

read here his story :

donderdag 26 maart 2009


well it took me some day`s to make a message here , but we were so busy here and i`m really tyerd now :(

Yesterday our youngest dog Diegò had a operation on his leg , he had torned Cruciate and they ficked that .
but now he can walk that great , because of the pain and bandage`s .
i sleept tonight on the sofa , to watch over him , but had only a 4 hour sleep :(
so i`m going to do nothing today and want to write some letters .
only i have to do some groccery shopping , but i will do that together with Chimène and if martijn is at home from his work , so somebody can watch Diegò .

Our dog Diegò now :