vrijdag 10 april 2009

Beautiful Weather

Don`t know how the weather is at you`rse , but here it`s such beautiful , warm & sunny weather :)
so we going in a hour on the bycicle for a nice ride trough our town and get a icecream at mc donalds , yummy .

but we have a little bit sadness here :(
martijn doesn`t have a job anymore , so he`s at home and get not so much money what we use to got , so we can`t do a lot now .
i`m happy that i`m working so we can pay the bills and can stay live in our house .

i looked at my penpals and some of them i`m going to stop , more because they don`t write nice/short letters or they reply after 3 or 6 months !!!!!!?????
but i looked also for new penpals and found 1 great penpal out of Mexico , my favorite country :)
hope we will get a great penfriendship .

well i go off now , Chimène want`s to get a icecream :)

please leave a message if you read my blog , i want to know who reads it and maybe if you have a blog i also can have a look at you`re blog and give a comment there .

greetings Roos
next time i will put some picture`s on my blog :)

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