donderdag 19 maart 2009


Hello (new) friends .

here`s my new blog , i thought it was time for a new blog , removed the old one , because i didn`t do much on it , it was about making HQ FB`s and i don`t make them anymore and i didn`t like the blog .

On this BLOG you can read about my LIFE :)
What i do every day , or see , or get , or my photo`s , i like to take , ETC....... .
also for my penpals , you can see when i get you`re snailmail :) (with photo)

i LOVE it if you leave a comment for me at my BLOG , so don`t forget that if you are here .

well let me say "ENJOY" and hope you like it here :)

greetings Roos

3 opmerkingen:

  1. here you can leave a comment , i understand it`s dutch , that`s why i put this message here :)

  2. Love your blog... do write more and share more... Put pics of your lovely family and all in ok...

    visit for some nice background.. there's a hello kitty one also.. LOL...

  3. Hi Roos,
    My name is Nicola, Im from the US.
    I came across your entry from livejournal, you mentioned looking for penpals. I wouldn't mind starting off writing the first letter. My user name is nickodemus23, in case you want to peak at my livejournal.

    If you are interested please email me at with your address.

    PS. Very cute dog! I have a boxer.